Supportive Services

Discounted Pharmacy Program

Metro offers all of our patients access to a highly discounted pharmacy program through our pharmacy partner. Patients can receive their necessary medications through the mail or pick them up at the clinic.

Transportation Program

Metro’s transportation program was created based on the voiced needs of our patients. Through our transportation program, any patient within 10 miles can receive free transportation, in the form of bus passes or Uber rides, to and from their health care appointments.

Community Health Navigator Program

The Community Health Navigator Program is a program created to help our patients living with chronic health conditions develop positive habits and connect with social services and resources. Our Community Health Navigators conduct home-visits to ensure that our patients’ needs are being met and that they are receiving the best resources and care possible.

“I love it here. Metro is amazing. Keep up the great work!” - Rose B.

Help us improve the quality of life of our patients.